Born in Damascus, a senior architect with more than 35 years of experience.
Ali Mourabet has a wide record of achievements in architectural design and supervision of high rise residential and commercial buildings and hotels.

Mourabet is also a member of the Syndicate of Engineers in Lebanon.

1976 – 1980: Architect on-site with Conser Consulting Engineers. (UAE)
1980 – 1995: Managing Partner and Technical Director at CBR, for design and construction management of various projects. (Lebanon)
1995– 1999: Executive Director for Bildex Contracting Company.(Lebanon)
1999 – 2004: Manager of his own office, working on various projects in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.
2004 – 2007: Partner, Designer and Head of Architectural Department at Conser Consulting Engineers. (Lebanon)
Mid 2007 to date: Owner and Managing Director of Ali Mourabet Engineering. Working on several projects worldwide.